What is Warp Factory?

Warp Factory is a set of functions written in MATLAB which is designed to model warp spacetimes using Einstein's theory of General Relativity. Its development is focused on providing a numerical framework to analyze the physicality of spacetime, which is a unique focus in the development of warp solutions.

Key Features of Warp Factory

  • Energy condition evaluations for the point-wise Null, Weak, Dominant, and Strong

  • Metric scalar evaluation for the shear, expansion, and vorticity.

  • 3D finite difference solver for the stress-energy tensor

  • GPU utilization

The current release of Warp Factory is designed around evaluating spacetimes within a Cartesian grid only.

In the future, more features will be added to Warp Factory.


Warp Factory is published using the MIT license. We do ask that all users of Warp Factory please cite their use of the code in published work. See this page for a citation format.

Development Team

  • Christopher Helmerich

  • Jared Fuchs

In addition, we would like to thank the following people for their contributions of providing methods and reviewing the codebase:

  • Alexey Bobrick

  • Luke Sellers

  • Brandon Melcher

  • Justin Feng

  • Gianni Martire

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